Cleverscope Mixed Signal Oscilloscope; an engineer's toolkit

We have a new Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) page with two new videos such as this Impedance Measurement Tour which quickly displays Cleverscopes' FRA capabilities.

"The isolated sig gen is working out brilliantly for looking at our converter loop responses" - an FRA user

Cleverscope Capabilities: Frequency Response Analysis, Component LCR measurement, MSPS Streaming to disk for days, High Resolution Spectra, sophisticated Maths, Matlab and Excel live, External sampling clock (1-105MHz), Ethernet or USB, Isolated Signal Generator, Mixed signal capture... these are just some of the things Cleverscope will do for you!

How about checking out a new feature - Persistence on the Spectrum display - see the video page!

About Cleverscope

Cleverscope Ltd designs and manufactures Cleverscope products in Auckland, New Zealand.

The cleverscope software application has been developed by Cleverscope Ltd as a tool for displaying and manipulating captured analog and digital electrical signals on a PC.

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Products & Prices

Here you will find all our units, options, modules and accessories.

Select to the shopping cart, pay on our secure server and you will receive your unit within three to five days

Now with a Lifetime* warranty!

New Product - CS701 Isolated 65MHz Signal Generator - read more here

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Videos and Tutorials

Also some great screenshots
Introducing Cleverscope
Getting Started
Signal Exploration
Extended Functions

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Contact Us

If you are a Cleverscope user, and you have a problem or question, please contact us by email or by posting in our forum.

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29 Jul 2010 - "The Cleverscope has been a saviour on many...

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Software & Drivers

We have made many videos, sample files, images, help documents and other resources to assist, whether building your own interface or using the CS300 application to manage a Cleverscope.

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Forum - latest posts

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